Tuesday, October 26, 2010

our cottage

This blog is titled "lil yellow cottage down by the sea" and so I thought I would update you on our cottage.  After painting Hudson's room last year, I fell in love with the color gray and I started getting the itch to paint our house.  I knew it was going to be a big project and that I would want a few things to redecorate.  So, I started saving my pennies (literally) and I started collecting things at flea markets, antique shops and whatever store I was at. 

Finally, last month I cashed in our coin jar and took the money from a few items sold on craigslist... and waaa laaa our cottage has had a makeover and of course, thanks to the help of my sister, Summer.   And thanks to Brandon, Bruce and my mom for their manual labor in painting our house.  

I am ordering prints for the frames, so forgive the price tags and empty frames :)  Here are some pictures of our home with all our fall decorations:

Hudson with his sweet comb over hair welcoming you in...

Yes, even after a month with a white couch, a toddler and a dog, I do LOVE my white couch. Thanks to Ikea our coach cover was only $50!  How is that for a quick makeover.  Plus, I can bleach it, wash it or buy a new one if it gets destroyed. -Tip: If you own a couch from Ikea and you don't like how the back cushions aren't very full... then cut an egg foam mattress to the shape of the cushions so that you can surround the cushion with it and stuff it back it.  Then enjoy your firm cushions :)

I am ordering a black and white canvas print of our family to put in gold frame towards the top left.  We are also really enjoying our fall pillows.  A fun aspect to having a white couch is I can get any pillows and they match.

And thanks to a gift card, this little gem only cost us $29!  I just love it and I am excited to change what we put in the boxes depending on the season.

One of my goals in redecorating was to create a way to display more family photos.  So, I love this cluster of frames on our piano.  Now, I just need to order prints...

Thanks to Martha Stewart's inspiration and Summer pointing it out, I made the pine cone cluster.  And to the right is the antique lamp I bought last year.  I bought literally just the base without the wire to plug it in or a light bulb socket, then I just bought a kit to rewire it and a new lamp shade... and now I have a lamp I love...

It is amazing how turning my mirror vertical instead of horizontal changed the look of the fireplace:

Here is a close up of the garland on the fireplace and the armoire.  I just love how dainty and small the little pine cones are.... and is was only $10!

I really wanted our rocker to be more appealing to sit and read.  I figured the solution was a little side table so you could actually set a cup of tea down while reading a book.  Thanks to TJ Maxx I got that little white table for $29...
I wish I could keep these light ups all year round.  I love the cozy feel it gives:

Summer threw together this arrangement to hang above the doorway heading into our kitchen:

This piece of furniture from again TJ Maxx, totally changed the look in the kitchen:

It is actually fake wood, but you can't even tell.  
It is amazing what a little paint can do. 
Thanks Sum for all your help! 


Michelle Temple said...

So Cute!

angielamberth said...

it looks incredible! makes me want to paint some walls and shop @ tjmaxx. -angie

The Washams said...

How creative! I love how simply elegant it is. You're very creative.

StacyGal said...


Jeff + Rae said...

loving the gray! it really opened things up. can you give a tutorial on the ikea cushion trick... i need some help