Tuesday, October 19, 2010

a little over a year later...

So, a lot can happen in a year.  This blog post is a month late, but September mark a year since I picked up a camera for the first time.  I had NO intentions on starting a photography business and at that... absolutely NO intention on ever wanting to shoot at a wedding (way too much pressure).   The only thing I intended on doing was to learn how to take good pictures of my son.  So, after Travis showed me a few things and I asked a million questions to Trever and Michael, I was off and running.  Before I knew it Trav and I decided to take a leap of faith and start t&h photography.

I remember standing in the camera store deciding if we were going to buy another "cheap" lens or if we were going to pull out of our savings to buy the "real deal" kind of lens.  Well after much discussion and support from Trever... we did it.  We decided to buy the proper equipment and start a business. We knew if we were going to be somewhat successful we were going to have to have the right equipment. It was a scary thing to use money from our savings, but well worth it.

It really is crazy to look back and see all the opportunities God has brought our way.  And to see how God has provided for our family through our photography business.  It really has been such a blessing and well, a lot of hard work.  We know we have a long way to go in perfecting this art and there will always be more to learn... but it really has been an amazing journey.

I have loved being able to stay home with our son Hudson and yet, still contribute to our income.  It is a bit challenging learning how to balance both, but quite rewarding at the same time.  I also have really enjoyed getting to help other inspiring photographers along the way.  We are no experts (like my brother-in-law Trev or our good friend Michael), but we are continually learning.  And I love to be able to pass our knowledge along to others who are on this same journey.

So, thank you to all our friends and family who have been a continual support throughout this past year.  Michael, Trever and my sister Summer have given us so much direction and help.  Thanks for all you have done for us!  Cheers to another year!


Anonymous said...

Congratulations Hayley! What an amazing testimony :)
Blessings & continued success to t&h photography!

Mrs. Doezie said...

Hi Hayley... Don't know if you remember me. I had commented you right about a year ago asking you a couple questions about photography. I have since followed your blog and have seen the amazing progression in your photos. It's so awesome to see how God has blessed your business. Congrats on all the success you both have had!
Love Kristen

p.s. My hubby noticed I was looking at your blog and got crazy excited when he realized who your hubby is :-) I thought that was kind of cute. My guy is a worship leader in Carlsbad area.

Michelle Temple said...

That is how I got started taking photos too! My husband was the resident photographer in our family, but I hated always having to ask him to take the pictures of our son, so I just started doing it myself and never realized how much I liked it. Your photos are lovely and good luck in your new business.