Saturday, October 23, 2010

boys, boys and more boys

I have written about this before, but several of my college girlfriends all had first born sons all within a year of each other.  Needless to say, it is a lot of fun and now that they are getting older, a lot of activity every time we get together.  Last week, the Bumpus family had us all over for chili, cookie decorating and just a night to hang out.  I always love spending time with this group and it is just so much fun to watch our boys interact. 

Here are the boys...haha... they weren't too happy about taking a picture together: 

Take 2... a little bit happier:

The girls decorating cookies:

Hudsond and I decorating his cookie... and yes, I do realize Hudson has a plastic knife in his mouth :)

The moms and our boys:
Unfortunately, I didn't get ANY pictures of the dads... :(
Thanks Bumpus' for having us over!  We love your new house and we loved getting to see you all!


Kharvena said...

It was fun..our boys are so active now its a bit crazy but definitely fun. Hayley slightly random but I was thinking and wanted to say thanks..I realized we dont see much of one another but each time we do you ask how im doing and how life is're thanks for that.. i will be excited to hear about the new-ness of things going on in your life as they come as well..

Anonymous said...

That is SOOOO cute! (I love the crying pic!)

How fun!!!

Shaun, Erica, Isaac, & Parker said...

I have boys!!! I live in Riverside!!! I want to be a part of this club!!! :)