Friday, October 29, 2010


My sister, Summer not only is an amazing stylist, but she also has done flowers for weddings for several years now (although this is not what she wants to do for a living... we just do it for friends).  Her "crew" is really just my mom, my sisters, a few of our close girlfriends and me.  It has become a very fond time for us, because we enjoy the company with each other and it is just fun to see what we can create.  I only brought our point and shoot camera, but here are a few photos showing the process.

Hudson and Gunner in the car on the way to Riverside:

Summer and Brittany went to the LA flower mart to get the goods:

Then we prep the containers:

And we prep the flowers:

Then the first job is always the bouquets:

I actually made the bridal bouquet which is normally Summer's job... I was up for the challenge:

Working on the centerpieces:

And taaa daaa:

These are just a few of the smaller fun flower accents:

These look crazy here, but there were so cute in between the smaller arrangements:

The flowers were for Taylor's sister's wedding... So, off Britt and Taylor went to the rehearsal dinner.  Such a gorgeous couple if I do say so myself:

One of the things we LOVE LOVE LOVE about Riverside are the people who live there.  And two of those people happen to be Chad and his girlfriend, Christen.  We were able to leave Hudson home with my mom and headed out to celebrate Christen's 21st birthday. 
Happy Birthday Christen!  

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stringsofpurls said...

Thanks for posting, Hayley! Christen is beautiful! You girls are all so talented.