Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Carrie Underwood Concert

So, I have already posted these pictures on facebook, but I figured I would blog about Carrie Underwood's amazing concert.  I literally felt like a little kid counting down the days until Christmas. We were given tickets to sit in the very front section at the Hollywood Bowl and a limo ride there!  I have been to the Hollywood Bowl before, but we have only sat in the nose bleed section.  The front section where we sat has only 7 rows in it and it is completely blocked from the rest of the crowd.  We were in the 5th and 7th row, but we able to walk all the way up to the stage during the concert.... close enough to make eye contact.  

I have loved Carrie Underwood since she was on American Idol and this was the first time I have ever seen her live.  And because she was at the Bowl, the LA Philharmonic accompanied her!  I was really hoping that she would sing "Jesus Take the Wheel" and she did!  To our surprise she also sang the chorus of the hymn "How Great Thou Art" right in the middle of "Jesus Take the Wheel".  With over 17,000 people singing along it gave me chills to imagine what it will sound like when all of God saints are gathered around his throne worshiping him.  It really was such a sweet moment that I will never forget.  However, I think I am ruined now for all future concerts, because sitting that close to the stage gave us a whole different experience.   

Amy Hof you will appreciate that I had my seatbelt on :)  After we took the picture, I realized I was the only one wearing my seatbelt... to which I must say, "safety first" ...haha

Before the concert, BD made reservations at The Geisha House which is an amazing sushi restaurant owned by Jennifer Lopez and a few other celebrities.  I have only tried sushi maybe 2 other times in my life and I have never been a huge fan... but after our dinner there, I am hooked.  I loved it!

We met up some friends, Ryan and Ashley for dinner and then they rode with us in the limo so they could avoid the parking at the Bowl.  We sang or really we yelled all her songs in the limo on the way there... and don't let Ryan fool you.  He knew every word...haha

This is a picture of our sushi after we had all already dived in... and we totally finished the entire plate!

I was nervous that we couldn't take cameras in, so unfortunately, I didn't bring my camera into the concert.  Once we got in I realized, that yes you can bring them in :(  So, we had to use our phones for a camera for the remainder of the night.  

Trav and I in the limo right before the concert:

This gives you a glimpse of how close we were.  It was so fun... we could even see the bobby pins in her hair and the color of her toe nail polish.  Nat and I were totally into all the costume changes.  I must say she is amazing on tv and on her cds, but hearing her live gave me a whole new level of respect.  She blew us away... and I think at one point or another all of us shed a tear or two :)
It was a night I will remember for the rest of my life.  There aren't too many times in life where we get opportunities like this, so we were very thankful for such an amazing gift!

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joan said...

Good to see you have the sense to wear your seatbelt in the backseat......just wondering why your friends didn't put their seatbelts on