Friday, January 30, 2009

fun photos

Uncle Trever took these pictures at our baby cake party and I thought I would post a few. By the way check out his new website at
ps...i love amy's face in these pictures.

Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Fabric Fun!

In preparation for the arrival of our sweet baby boy, I have done a lot of research to find boy crib bedding.  Sadly, there has been NOTHING that I even slightly liked below the price range of $500.  So, my sister, my mom and I decided to head to Los Angeles to the fabric district to purchase the perfect fabric and make the bedding.  

This is Summer dramatically posing because we felt overwhelmed when we first walked in.

Then we hit the jack pot! This is by far my new fabric store...Gaby you have to go with me some time. We all walked away with the perfect selection of fabric to aid in our projects. 

This is the a picture of the fabric I choose for the baby's room...just wait and see...I will post pictures of the end result.  

And here is a picture of fabric I purchased to add a little spice in my room.  Who knew a fabric store could be so much fun.  I was literally running around giddy with all of my choices.  I have a feeling I might become a regular to this store.  No more settling for what retail stores have to offer. 

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This is one of our engagement pictures.  I love looking through the pictures of us during the time we were dating and engaged.  It reminds me of so many wonderful memories and how much fun we had living at CBU.  I definitely love Travis more today than I did when we were engaged and I am looking forward to what this new season of life holds for us. 

I tag...Emily Koepplin, Debbie, Megan Craft, and Erica Higgins

Friday, January 23, 2009

Quick Update

These last couple of months have really been busy for us.  Travis' family came to stay with us for Christmas, Brittany and Taylor got married (to see pictures click here), we found out we are having a boy, purchased a crib, registered for showers and so much more.  As of tomorrow, I will be 27 weeks along in my pregnancy!  I can't believe how quickly this pregnancy has gone.  I will have to update in more detail later when I have more time, but for now I just wanted to post a few pictures. 

My belly is definitely growing and I am absolutely loving being pregnant. 

Travis and Brandon loading up the crib from the boutique we got it from downtown San Clemente...tip for bargain shoppers...always ask if you can buy the floor model.  We purchased this designer crib for half price and it included the mattress!!!

Gunner and Denver were checking out the crib...they have no idea what is in store for them.