Friday, September 3, 2010

Ohio {part 2}

While in Ohio we spent a lot of quality time with our family and a few of our really close friends.  And as tradition would have it, we went to the outdoor Finley market in downtown Cincinnati.  Every time we go, we get these delicious Belgium waffles.  I went to Belgium in college and had waffles while I was there... and these waffles are the exact same kind.  So, they are on our "must eat while in Ohio" list.  

After we go to the market, then we go to a Collins' family favorite spot, First Watch.  The breakfast is amazing and the conversation is always good. 

We spent a lot of time just hanging out talking, playing music, playing games and just watching Hudson as he entertained us all. 

Hudson sitting with his uncles watching them playing a few video games:

We got to see our friends Allan, Hillary and baby Savannah's new house.  It is amazing the difference of what you can purchase in Ohio versus California.  They live in a gorgeous area of the country only 5 minutes away from town.  The open air and open land is so soothing.  It was just refreshing to be there.  We had a barbeque and while the guys were cooking, Hudson and Savannah got to rome the land. 

Hillary and Savannah:

Hudson loves his Uncle Brandon:

Playing in there big living room that doesn't have furniture yet, because they just moved in.  It made for a fun play area for the kids:

Hudson loves to yell, "go, go, go" while pumping his fists in the area.  This is a special technique taught by the one and only Uncle Brandon:

Trav got to go out with the guys for some quality men time:

And Hudson and I got some quality time with Miss Hillary and Savannah:

Again Hudson yelling, "go, go, go"... which I hear Savannah has now picked up this same skill :)

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hillary r. mayne said...

love your ohio blogs. we enjoyed our time with you guys so much. makes me cry thinking of waiting another 6mo-a year before seeing you guys again. savannah has taught a few other children to fist pump and yell "go! go! go!" so Hud (and Uncle B) should be very proud. makes me think of you guys every time she says it. love your family, we are beyond blessed to have you in our lives.