Thursday, September 2, 2010

Ohio {Part 1}

Last month, we spent the most wonderful week in Ohio with all of Travis' immediate family.  We haven't all been there at the same time in a couple of years, so it was so much fun to all be together.  Actually, just looking at pictures and thinking about it makes me miss our time there.

Hudson is at such a fun age, so it was great to have him get an extended amount of time with his grandparents, uncles and his Aunt Amy.  Here are a few photos of our trip:

Brandon and Chad squished in the backseat on our way to the airport... which I am going to take a moment to pat myself on my back.  I packed all of my stuff, Travis' stuff AND Hudson's stuff in just 2 carry ons!  That is right folks... we are talking carry ons!  

Hudson watching videos on Trav's iphone while we were waiting for the plane to taxi out to the run way and then little Hud bud asleep on daddy during the flight.

Travis' sister, Amy works at an amusement park called King's Island.  She is a funnel cake maker which happens to be a delicious, yet completely unhealthy dessert.  We were sure to take part in eating such a wonder.  All of us in front of King's Island (minus Brandon because he was standing in line to get his picture taken with Snoopy):

A photo with Sally Brown:

Hudson gave Sally a high 5:

Then he wanted Sally to hold him.  It made me laugh because at Disneyland the characters aren't allowed to hold your children.  So, I was kind of surprised that Sally picked him up.

Then we watched the Snoopy on Ice show... and it was awesome!

Hudson watched every moment of the show without moving at all.   The picture on the right is of Brandon and Chad playing games while waiting in line.  It was quite entertaining...haha.  I think Brandon probably regretted his decisions to play this slapping game with Chad.

Waiting in line for a ride while Grandpa and Grandma took Hudson for a walk. 

We went on a ride that goes 0-60 mph in 5 seconds.  It was probably the craziest ride I have been on and I couldn't stop laughing.  Here is a picture I took of the photo they put up on the screen after we got off the ride:

Ok, so we went on this ride too.  In the picture you can see the train thing going up getting ready to go over the curve and then almost straight down.  It wouldn't have been as scary, but the way they harness you in made me feel nervous.  There was nothing going over you shoulders.  It was simple piece that pressed down on your lap with not latches or anything for you to visibly see it will hold you.  So, you just hope that it works.  About 45 minutes after we rode this ride we noticed the ride was stuck!  Haha... glad I wasn't on it then.   If you look really close you can see the worker walking up the stairs to fix the ride.  Again, I am glad I wasn't on it at that moment. 

Hudson was really into holding the ice cream cone by himself:

Watching the fireworks show:

Travis and his siblings:

All 8 of us Collins:

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