Friday, September 17, 2010

Beach Fun

(Warning: Hudson has grandparents in Ohio who don't get to see him much, so please excuse the abundant amount of photos of Hudson)

This summer Hudson and I have been spending a lot of time down on the beach.  Although, our summer really didn't feel much like a summer, the weather was still really enjoyable.  Here are just a few random beach pictures from the last couple of weeks. 

Play date with Jackson:

As you can see, we are now a hat-wearing baby again :)  With his fair skin and light blue eyes, I am constantly putting on sun screen and I really try to keep a hat on him to keep the sun off his face.  So, during his no-hat-phase, this was a major problem. 

He looks so grown up in this picture:

Checking out the train that was going by...

Enjoying some time on the swings:

And one of my all time favorite things to do is to take a family walk down to the beach in the evenings.  It is just so quiet and peaceful. 

What a better beach toy than a drum stick?

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