Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Phil Wickham Concert

Last Friday night, we went to see a Phil Wickham concert in San Diego.  Our friend, Dan plays drums for Phil and gave us a few tickets.  Before we left for the concert, Travis dressed Hudson for the occasion.
If you can't tell in the picture, his shirt says "the beatles":

These shoes are really sentimental for us.  We bought these when I was still pregnant with Hudson after we found out we were having a boy.  

On our way into the concert... he looks excited... haha

Phil Wickham:

Dan Bailey... an AMAZING friend and drummer!

The concert was definitely loud and Hudson and I were up towards the front.  Travis was walking around taking pictures in the beginning, but after a while I decided to head to the back towards the lobby.  It was loud... which was great, but I didn't want to do damage to Hudson's ear drums by exposing them too long.  While we were standing in the back a sweet lady gave us ear plugs to put in his ears... but as you can imagine that didn't last long.  So, we stood in the back doorway to enjoy the rest of the night.  It was such a refreshing time of worship and they sounded even better live than they do recorded. 

Hudson walking around with dad:

He is getting good at walking holding just one hand.  I love watching Hudson and Travis relationship.  I know they are going to connect on a different level than Hudson and I will.  And it is fun to watch.

I think it is safe to say Hudson enjoyed the night...

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Megan said...

he's looking like SUCH a little boy!! CUTE!