Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Kids Choir

One of the values we have in our home is to teach Hudson the importance of being a part of the church body.  We don't want him to simply go to church, but also to learn to serve the church.  We believe it is important to start this at a young age and so Hudson has been a part of volunteering with us at the kids choir.   

Every Tuesday afternoon, Hudson and I would head up to meet Travis at Saddleback's main campus in Lake Forest.  One of my friends from high school, Amy also helped volunteer with our group of kids.  It was fun to watch relationships develop including the choir kids and Hudson.  After choir rehearsals, we would head to the Refinery where we ate our $1 tacos for Taco Tuesdays.  Then we would sit around and chat for a while.  

When we started choir Hudson was barely crawling and during the final show he was literally running around.  Also by the end of our time, the director deemed Hudson "the kids choir mascot" and he was even give his own matching kids choir shirt. It was so cute when they called him up to get his shirt because all the kids started clapping for him.  Of course, Hudson joined in the clapping while Travis put the microphone in front of Hudson so he could say something.  He immediately started saying "da da da" in the mic until all the kids burst into laughter which in turn made Hudson cry... haha... poor baby.  He is not a fan of people laughing at him, hence the reason the birthday cake did not go over well.  

It was a great time to serve together as a family and I am looking forward to the next thing God has in store for us. 

Our last taco Tuesday:

Before the final show hanging out in the green room... As you can see Hudson was surrounded by the ladies as he showed off his clapping skills :)

I guess Hudson was bummed that choir was over:
Thanks Amy for all your hard work and for being there to serve alongside with us!  You were a great addition and we both learned so much from watching you with the kids.  

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