Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Hudson's 1st Birthday

We celebrated Hudson's 1st Birthday a little over a week ago with friends and family.  Summer and I worked together to come up with a fun birthday party "theme".  We made all the decorations and it was a lot of fun to see everything come together.  

To see all the details of the decorations go to our photography website T&H Photography or visit GreyLikesBaby.  

This is how Hudson started out the party...
He wasn't too excited about the big crowd of people gathered around to sing "Happy Birthday".  Intially I wasn't sure how the cake would go over, but he is used to a lot of people and used to a lot of noise.  However, he has never liked sudden screaming.  In addition to the sudden cheering, he has taken really slowly to wanting to eat food.  So, the combination of the two made for one sad baby. He wanted nothing to do with the cake or the birthday song.  It was actually quite funny. 
The "toy buffet" table where the kids could get their own custom bag of goodies.  And what adult doesn't appreciate a good army man with a parachute or an old deck of "old maid" cards. 
Hudson LOVED his cake topper.  Summer got it at a flea market and now when Hudson sees it in his room you will often hear a "ooooo" sound followed by the excited dance.  Lately, after I change his diaper we give the merry-go-round a little spin. 

We played games and just hung out while eating food and enjoying company. 
We should have sang, "it's my party and i can cry if i want to"
and the drama continues...
I wish we had taken a picture with everyone who was there, but alas all we took was this picture with all the moms and their kiddos. 


Shannon said...

Ok, I love EVERYTHING!! It was SO cute!! I loved the detail pics on yours and summer's blog as well. Hudson's face when he is crying with his hat on is just too precious! I loved his little outfit and your dress was SO cute! Loved it all!!

thegiarettafamily said...

I love all of the pictures from the party!! They turned out so cute:) I especially like the one of you and Travis with the glasses on! Too cute! And you have to give me a copy of the one of Olivia-she looks so serious lol