Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Mother's Day Continued...

On Mother's Day we went to church and then headed to a picnic with my family.  During church my mind was so focused on what a blessing it is to be a mother.  I never want Mother's Day in our home to be a about a day I "deserve", but instead a day to thank God for allowing me to be a mother and to have family.  It is humbling to know there is nothing I have done to deserve the right to motherhood, but instead it is a gift from the Lord. There are many women who long to have children, yet, they find themselves barren or due to circumstances have never had the chance to be a mother. 

These women were heavy on my heart along with those children who are orphaned in the world longing for someone to love and to be loved, someone whom they could call "mother".  I pray God brought comfort to those on Mother's Day and that we don't forget about those who are in need. 

So, on such a day the best thing I could ask for is time with family which began with church...

After the service Uncle Brandon was teaching Hudson how to sing in the microphone
and as you can see, Hudson was giving us the stare down. 

The one who calls me mother (or should I say mama):

My beautiful mother and my son.

Here is a sneak peek of the BEAUTIFUL surprise picnic we put on for my mom.  My sister, Summer was the creative one behind this event. The rest of us girls helped, but it was minimal.  People say I am creative, but when you have a sister like Summer, you re-think such compliments.

The rest of the pictures will be posted within the next week on our photography website

I just think his little face is so cute and funny in this picture...

After the picnic we went the dog beach to let our dogs run free on the beach... poor Gunner he didn't join the party.  I am afraid he lost his invitation, but Shally and Bailey had a fun.

cute picture of Taylor :)

By the time we were at the beach it was cold and windy!

Bryan taking Hudson to dip his feet in the cold water.

Is this not the funniest card you have ever seen?  Brittany and Taylor got this card for my mom. 

 On the inside it said, "And you thought I didn't listen to you.  Happy Mother's Day!".  I was dying laughing... it even makes me laugh looking at it now.

Before we all went our separate ways, we went downtown to grab a cup of coffee and some ice cream.  This was Hudson on our way home... I never get tired of this little laugh.

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