Sunday, June 5, 2011

Mother's Day

I am still about a month behind, but on my way to catching up :)  For mother's day this year, it started out by receiving two really sweet cards from Travis and Hudson... and the news that Travis was going to take me shopping for some clothes.  Being that I was beginning to grow out of my wardrobe, I was really excited to get some things that would fit.  

The three of us at church:
At the end of the last song, Hudson was able to crawl up into Uncle B's lap and pretend he was playing piano with the band:
Then of course, the weekly tradition of playing the drums after the service:

Here is a picture of me with my baby #2 belly... I was 16 weeks along and the best part about Mother's day was that I felt the baby kick for the first time!!!
I wanted to go to Friday's for dinner because they have a really great deal going on and I was craving one of their brownie obsessions.  I was a waitress at Friday's through my college years and we all used to love their food.  Unfortunately, the food was not as good as I remembered.  
Hudson was not too thrilled about going out that night... and you can totally tell in this picture...haha

The following day we just wanted to spend the day together, so we went to Disneyland.  Hudson has never been afraid of the characters and loves the chance to get to see them up close:

Travis took Hudson on the cars ride for the first time.  We didn't realize, but he has been tall enough for a long time now and could have ridden this ride a while ago.  Now that I am pregnant I can't go on this ride, but it was fun watching the boys.   

And here is just a cute video of Hudson on the way back to our car to head home. 

I am so thankful to be a mom and I don't take it for granted.  I always knew as a child that I wanted to be a mom and wife... and so far this is my favorite season of life.

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