Wednesday, June 1, 2011


Here is a really long post of our Easter fun.  With Travis leading worship for 7 or 8 services (I can't remember the exact amount), we did the traditional Easter activities on Saturday.  We started off by giving Hudson his Easter basket and then headed to the park with our friends, the Greenwoods, for a city sponsored egg hunt.  
Hudson played on the slide with his friends while we waited for the egg hunt to start and we even had a chance to let him see a few of the animals at the petting zoo.  
Emily and Jackson with Hudson and I:
Such a sweet boy:
This is what it looked like before the chaos began:
Once the egg hunt started, I couldn't help but laugh at all the moms who went rushing to grab as much as they could for their children:
Hudson was thrilled to get a package of animal cookies:
Then we headed to the Bagel Shack to get bagel sandwiches and back to the house to color eggs:
We didn't control Hudson's experience, so this is what we ended up with... a few broken eggs :)  But, he sure had fun doing it:
On Saturday night, Travis was able to lead worship with a group of worship leaders from all over the county for an event hosted by Rock Harbor Church at the Amphitheater with the intent of gathering churches from the county to pray for our area.   It really was an amazing night and Francis Chan was the speaker.  I didn't take any pictures that of the night except for this picture from my phone of Francis.  It was such a great night of believers gathered together to worship and pray. 

This picture was taken during the few minutes we saw Travis on Easter.  His Sunday mornings start at 3:30am and since he played for several services all day he wasn't able to join us for the Easter lunch we had at my sister's house.   He is definitely a hard worker and we are so thankful that God has allowed Travis to use his talents to encourage the church.  So, this is just part of what God has called us to. 
Hudson, Trav and Uncle Brandon reenacting this photo from Christmas:
At my sister's house, we had an amazing meal and Hudson had another egg hunt in her backyard. 
Although, all the Easter festivities are fun, the most important thing to teach our son is why we celebrate Easter.  We constantly pray for Hudson's salvation and that God would make him aware and convict him of his sin, so that one day he might recognize his need for Jesus in his life.  Once he makes this choice in life, there will be so much more depth for him on Easter.  We look forward and pray for this day. 

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