Thursday, June 2, 2011

Hudson's 2nd Birthday {part 1}

Hudson's 2nd birthday was on April 26th and we still can't believe how quickly the last 2 years have flown by.  It is just amazing to watch how much he has learned in the last year.  From being a tiny infant, to crawling, walking, running, talking, jumping, climbing and even being potty trained.  It astounds us how quickly children learn and absorb the world around them.  Hudson has been such a blessing to us and we are continually thankful for the gift of Hudson in our lives.

For his birthday we ended up spending about 3 days celebrating.  The day before Hudson's birthday Travis had the day off, so we spent the day at the beach eating a picnic lunch and chasing birds.  Then on our way home we stopped at Hudson's favorite park.  Later that evening we went back to the beach and ate dinner on the pier.  Hudson's favorite part of dinner was the huge mud pie we ordered for him after dinner.  Hudson loves ice cream, so it was like a dream come true having so much ice cream in front of him.

Our picnic lunch consisted of the left overs from Easter lunch the day before and it made for delicious left overs :)
Here is just a video of Hudson chasing the birds... not much to it... but his Ohio grandparents would appreciate it:

Before dinner we took Hudson on the pier to take a few quick photos of him.  The first couple of poses is what Hudson does when is trying to "scare" you :)
I remember when Trav and I were praying about taking the job at Saddleback and moving to San Clemente, we stood on the pier looking out like this and spent time praying together.   It is amazing to look back and see all the things God has done in nearly the last 5 years.  So, this picture is sweet to me to see our son looking out on the water in the same spot:
Then dinner at Fishermen's on the pier:
And of course, the ice cream!!!
It was just a sweet simple day spent together enjoying our time as a family.  

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