Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Thanksgiving in Wrightwood

Beware, this is a really long post....

My dad has a really big cabin up in Wrightwood and we always love to go up for a couple of days during the holidays.  This year we even had snow at Thanksgiving!!!  Normally, we have snow by Christmas, but to have snow this early in the year was a big treat.  We decided to go sledding, although all of us were ill prepared, so what did we do?  Well, first we raided my dad's closet that has snow clothes dating back to the 80s (seriously, he has a few classic gems in that closet) and secondly, we went sledding like city folk do (in clothes that were seriously not meant for sledding). The good thing is the house was only 10 minutes away from the sledding spot we chose, so once we were beyond freezing we headed home for hot apple cider!  

PS... It is crazy to see the change in Hudson from last year to this year.  

Sisters and our boys in "age order"  (we used this phrase a lot growing up...ie... let's sit in "age order", let's take a picture in "age order" etc.)

Summer and Bryan:

Travis and I (me sporting a dad beanie):

Taylor and Brittany (with their classic dad hats):

Brooke and Trever (Brooke wearing the ridiculously large dad gloves):

Sisters and Hudson (Hudson layered in pjs and a snow outfit and at this point refusing to wear his beanie):

This next series of pictures is fun.  Travis taking Hudson sledding for the first time:

And here is the video.  We were all laughing because at this point no one had gone as far down the hill as Travis and Hudson did.  They just kept going all the way to the end:

After sledding for the first time, I finally convinced him to leave the beanie on :)  After Travis and Hudson went down the hill, Hudson and I went... and we ate it.  I guess I don't have quite the same balancing skills as Travis.  Hudson didn't seem to mind, although he was not interested in putting his hands in the snow.  

Gotta love the hot pink mittens from the dad closet (well really they were probably mine or my sisters back in the 80s... can't imagine my dad wearing these):

Brittany and Taylor hiked up a much steeper hill to sled down... and then they ate it on their way down :)

Covered in snow...haha :)

This is the view out of my dad's front window.  This was a few days after it first snowed and it still looked gorgeous!

I love this picture... Hudson sleeping on my dad's chest just like my sisters and I did when we were little:

Breakfast the last morning we were there.  Hudson was enamored by the giant moose head hanging on the wall that had a sensor and moved when people would walk by.  It made for a great distraction during breakfast:
Sadly, I didn't take many pictures of us just hanging out at home, thus I don't have any pictures of my step mom Kathy who had stayed behind while we went sledding.  

We had a wonderful time together.  We had delicious food, shared what we were thankful for, had great conversation and just enjoyed sitting by the fire.  We can't wait to go back for Christmas! 

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The Marshmans said...

trash bags make excellent snow clothes - they keep you dry and make you fast! Looks like tons of fun!!