Monday, November 29, 2010

Fortuna Bowl

A couple of weeks ago, Travis and I went back to CBU for the annual Fortuna Bowl.  For you non-CBU folks, that is our super bowl for our intramural football games.   It was always a fun event to go to as a student and it is now fun to go back to as an alumni.  There are always a group of alumni who come back for the game, so it is always a night we look forward to.  However, I must say the Fortuna Bowl is on a whole other level thanks to Chris Hof and my brother-in-law Taylor.   

College guys always seem to do the funniest things.  These guys dressed up as Fortuna.  Again for those non-CBU folks... Fortuna is a statue in the center of a fountain on our campus.  And she basically looks like these guys below.  Ally (one of my favorite college girlfriends) and I with the Fortuna look-a-likes: 

It was such a treat to spend time with one of my favorite girls, Miss Gaby:

This picture is for those Vermeer fans... does this remind you of anything?

Because we were going to a football game, Hudson just had to wear his football jersey :)

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