Wednesday, December 1, 2010


Our favorite time to go to Disneyland is the fall and Christmas seasons.  Hudson and I have been a few more times than Travis since we have gone a few times while Trav was at work.  

I love how God reminds us of Himself often through the simple things in life.  The last few times we have gone, Hudson has gone running for Minnie and Mickey.  He hasn't even seen their cartoons and yet, he was still so excited to see them.  I set him down and he went running straight in their direction.  He didn't notice their was a line of children waiting to see them.  He didn't care who was watching him.  He had one goal in mind... to get as close as he could to them.  I couldn't help, but to think that must have been how it was when Jesus said, " Let the little children come to me, and do not hinder them, for the kingdom of God belongs to such as these".  I hope we run into the arms of God with that same unashamed adoration.  

After waiting our turn, Hudson finally had a turn to see Minnie... and what did he do?  He gave her a kiss...haha (definitely not the most sanitary thing):

Waiting to watch the Pixar parade:

Heading into Disneyland for a girls day + Hudson day:

Waiting on main street with my mom and sisters to watch the Christmas parade:

 We also went one night with just Britt and Taylor:

Since Hudson was a newborn, my sisters have always loved carrying him in my baby carriers :)

Enjoying the snow at the end of the fireworks:

Hope you all are enjoying this holiday season!


Anonymous said...

Such a sweet boy!
Great pictures- your family seems so awesome! You're a blessed woman ;)

Shannon said...

How fun! I can't wait to take Brooke to Disneyland! I think Hudson kissing Minnie is precious (even if it might not be the most sanitary thing) :)

Zoegrl said...

super cute pictures, Hayley. Hudson is adorable (I'm sure you hear that all the time!) Glad he enjoys Disneyland as much as I do!! haha! Aftermall it IS the happiest place on earth! :)