Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Pumpkin Patch Fun

A couple of weeks ago, Trav and I took Hudson to a pumpkin patch.  I think Hud's favorite part was being able to run free and the wheel barrel :)  He would have been happy if we just stayed right by the wheel barrel so he could hold the handles.

This next picture on the left makes me laugh... looks like he is saying something really serious:

Also last week, Hudson and I went with the girls from my Bible study and their kids for a play date at the pumpkin patch and then lunch after.  There are some pretty awesome women in my study, so it really is a joy every time we get together.  

This particular pumpkin patch had a ton of rides and Hudson loved them.  I was surprised that he was willing to ride them by himself.  

He was too little for this one, but it was cute just putting him in the car and getting a quick picture:

And it was sooo hot!  Poor little Hud's cheeks were all red:

I think he was pretty proud that he was on the ride all by himself :)

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