Sunday, July 25, 2010

Hudson and his buddy, Jackson

I love the kind of friends that you can drop by unannounced to say a quick hello.  Emily is one of those friends to me.  We used to live a few blocks apart from each other, but now we live just down the street. Whenever I see her through my window walking up to our house for a visit it always makes me smile.  Even if I haven't showered and my house is a wreck... it just doesn't matter.  

Now we both have sons who are a little under a year apart.  It is so great to have a good friend who lives so close and even better... shares a similar view of parenting.  Here are a few pictures from our little visit at their house this afternoon.  

Hudson is protecting his buddy Jackson:

Hudson looks like he is saying "cheese"... haha

The beginning of a wonderful friendship...

Hudson used to scare Jackson because he was too loud, but Jackson is a tough boy now and he is just used to it.  Now Hudson's new thing is to tickle Jackson... haha :)


Amy Hallstrom said...

Awwww, Hudson's tickle face! And good job little nephew just hanging out for tickle time! :)

Jenna said...


StacyGal said...

I totally think Hudson looks so grown up in these pics!

Emily said...

awwwww! Soooooo cute! And yes, I am SO glad we live close enough to drop in too : )