Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Balboa Family Vacation & the 4th of July

July has been the month of vacations for us.  We spent time on Balboa with my family, then a little getaway just the three of us, and now we are in Ohio with Travis' whole family.  Something about being in the Midwest in the summer brings back so many fond memories.  

Anyway, here are a few photos from our Balboa vacation which overlapped on the 4th of July. 
We loaded up all our bikes in the back of our truck, so we could take family bike rides all around the peninsula.... which included a couple of late night rides to get yogurt during happy hour.
We haven't ridden our bikes since before I was pregnant with Hudson, so it has been fun to get them back out again.  We really have enjoyed having the seat for Hudson on the back of Trav's bike.   We got these bikes when we were dating so they bring back fond memories. 

At first, Hudson wasn't too sure about the helmet:

haha... Hudson fell asleep during our bike ride.  His head kept falling forward, so I improvised:

Late night yogurt run:

Playing in the sand hole Travis and Bryan dug for Hudson:

Taylor's delicious barbeque... It really is nice having built in amazing cooks in the family.  Both Summer and Taylor never disappoint us with the delicious food they make us.

Summer's homemade coconut shrimp... AMAZING! 

Cuddling with Hud Bud while watching a few crazy guys surf the 20 foot waves at the Wedge... I would NEVER even put a toe in the water with waves like that.

Playing games on the 4th of July:

Hudson and Aunti Brittany:

4th of July... again late night yogurt run.  What can I say... my family likes ice cream :)

Hudson fell asleep in Uncle Taylor's arms while watching the fireworks:

And one more video of Hudson laughing...

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Amy Hallstrom said...

:) That's cute! He's got a great laugh!