Friday, July 30, 2010

CBU Girls Weekend

Well, a few weeks ago it was time for our annual CBU girls reunion weekend.  We had so much fun together, although, we missed Sarah, Michelle, and Natalie.  Hopefully, next year we will be all together again.  

I have said it before in years past, but there really is nothing like college friends.  We have seen each other through beginnings of adulthood, college classes, graduation, singleness, dating, break-ups, engagements, marriage and babies.  We have loved each other through difficult times and good times.  

These are the kinds of friends who are quick to listen, slow to become angry, quick to forgive, and to ask for forgiveness.  It just is so refreshing to be around there authentic vulnerability.  I miss the days when we all lived together, so needless to stay, our annual weekend is something we all look forward to. 

We started off the trip with a much needed pedicure: 

Amy and I were born one day apart and the weekend actually started on her birthday.  So, the only thing to do was to make a funfetti cake. 

The birthday girl:

Saturday morning breakfast across from the pier:

Logan was our male escort:

haha... just looking at this picture makes me laugh.  There is a really long story behind this picture.  Let's just say Scott is a friend of ours :)

While we were down at the beach we ran into another one of our college friends, Erica.  She has a little boy that was only born a week apart from Logan.  

The ocean festival was going on in San Clemente, so there were a ton of fun activities going on down by the pier.  We definitely couldn't pass up the opportunity to eat some shaved ice :)

Chris and Travis watched Hudson and Logan, so we could go swim at the pool and then get ready for a night out.  On our way back from the pool we saw the boys... drinking slushies and pushing strollers... 

Heading out for dinner:

With all the talk of babies and pregnancies that was going on... it only seemed natural to take a picture of Emily posing as a pregnant mom...haha... poor girl had to put up with all our baby talk :) 

And then of course, the traditional surprise baby shower.  Shannon is expecting a boy this September!  So, we had to shower her with a few much needed boy items.  
I am already excited for next year.  For some reason I think this next year is going to be a year of change.  


joshandliz said...

it's so cool you guys do this every year. haha, i love the picture of chris and travis.

Michelle Larson said...

Thank you so much for posting this! It made me feel more like I was there, rather than half way around the world. And I can't believe Ames gota photo with Scott. Bahahahah!