Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Recent Happenings...

Hudson reading the book Corduroy to Gunner (sorry for those English majors... there is no option to underline on our format of blogspot).  Our sweet friend Gaby gave him this book before he was born and it is one of our favorites. =)

We went to a women's Christmas party... Yes, I said "women's" and both Hudson and Travis were there....haha.  Travis was helping with the sound and Hudson... well Hudson goes with me everywhere.

Hudson really does smile and laugh all the time.  This is one of the things we prayed for when I was pregnant.  We prayed that our son would be a joyful little boy and it seems God has answered our prayers.

We went with the Craft family to see the train come through town and watch a little play they put on.  The play was not very entertaining, but the festive atmosphere was fun.

Trav and Hudson... Hud was more into watching the other little kids around him playing versus actually watching the train with Santa and all the lights come into the station.

 Hudson and his friends...

We also spent some time with the Moss family recently.  They have a son named Kingston and both our boys got along so well.

Hudson and I went to Riverside for a play date with Brianna, Kingston, Amy and Logan!
Kingston was watching out for baby Logan... while he and Hudson weren't too sure they wanted their picture taken.

 Chicco KeyFit 30 we love you!


Megan said...

Aw, we made your blog! :) Great pics! I especially love the one of all 3 of them! Can you email me the one of us girls from the Womens Christmas party? Thanks girl.

Shannon said...

I LOVE Hudson's sweater at the Christmas party!!! SOOOO cute!

Anonymous said...

So cute! Love all the pics!
(By the way, underlining book titles has been replaced by italics-- no need to apologize!) :)

joshandliz said...

hudson looks like SUCH a happy boy. joy just radiates from his eyes. so precious. corduroy is one of my all-time favorites. hope you guys have a merry christmas!

The Hofschroer's said...

Maybe we can get Chicco to use us for marketing purposes!!! =)