Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Mission Inn

On Friday, after Thanksgiving dinner #2, we went to the Mission Inn to enjoy the festive lights.  Every year they have a big ceremony for the lighting and although we didn't make the ceremony, we definitely enjoyed walking around.  It is a special place for us because 5 years ago on December 10th, Travis proposed to me.  It felt really surreal walking around with Hudson at the very place that our commitment for marriage began.

It was cold and even sprinkled a little bit so we put Hudson in his bear costume.  And why not?  Who doesn't love a baby in a bear costume =)

Standing in the courtyard in the exact spot where Travis proposed.

I remember being there dreaming about what life would be like married and what children we would have.  It is crazy 5 years later to hold our precious son who is an answer to so many dreams and prayers.


Allison Dean said...

I love LUV the bear costume! You should have him wear it often ! Where did you get it?

travis and hayley said...

allison, a good friend of ours gave it to us. it is a hand-me-down =) sometimes i wish we dressed our babies on costumes all the time...haha.