Wednesday, December 16, 2009

El Campeon

Travis and I love Mexican food and since we have lived here in San Clemente we are always on the search for the best Mexican food around.  We have found a few favorites, but nothing compares to the taco stands on the other side of the border.  A few years ago we went to visit Travis' cousin who is a missionary and lives right along the border.  She and her husband treated us to tacos at a real taco stand and now we are scarred for life.

Well, we think we found a place that comes really close to the taco stands... El Campeon.  As soon as we arrived and walked inside, it was as if we had been transported to Mexico.  If you walk in a Mexican restaurant and there really isn't much English spoken, then you can most likely expect the food to be amazing.  Although, El Campeon left me smelling like a taco, it was delicious food!

This picture is for Michelle and Natalie... Hudson finally fits into the adidas sweat suit! And we love it!


The Hofschroer's said...

I have to taste these tacos!!! and I LOVE the addidas gear (Lo might need to borrow that in a couple of months!)

Michelle Larson said...

Yes! The sweatstuit! Dang that Nordy's for not having one for Logan, too!

PS. Mexican food sounds amazing right now.