Monday, February 28, 2011

A visit with the Brown's

After we got home from Ohio, we headed up to Sacramento to shoot a wedding.  Some of our best friends from college, the Brown family, live in Sacramento so we to stay with them while we were there. They just had a new addition to their family, baby Brayden.  He was as cute as can be and Hudson just loved him!  
Hudson and Brayden:
Brooke taught Hudson how to sing "Ring Around the Rosie"... it was a big hit:
They were so cute holding hands:
The morning before we left the Brown's took us out for an amazing breakfast... We had the best pancakes we have ever had!
It was sooo good to see them and get to spend a little time with them in their hometown.  We love you Brown's and we appreciate your friendship more than you even know!

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Shannon said...

LOVE this and LOVE you guys!!