Friday, February 25, 2011

Date Night & Valentines Day

Some of our friends gave us a gift certificate to one of our now favorite restaurants, Nick's.  There are only two, one here in San Clemente and the other in Laguna Beach.  We were really excited to leave Hudson with my parents and head out for a date... plus, when you don't have to pay dates are that much more fun!  
We order asparagus fries... and they were delicious!!!
Oh, how I love restaurants that provide blankets :)

For Valentines Day, we got tickets to see the World of Color show at the California park at Disneyland.  It was sooo much better than I even expected.  We just had a fun night as a family lovin' on each other:
We could not believe Hudson wore the glasses for the new Toy Story ride.  He kept them on the entire ride!
Valentine's Day is a wonderful day to just enjoy those you love... a day we are always willing to celebrate. 

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