Thursday, February 24, 2011

Christmas continued...

This is the first year we spent Christmas Eve and Christmas morning at our house.   It was really fun and I must admit, I felt like we were playing house :)  We had Brandon come over to spend the night and in order to make it feel like Christmas for the boys, I made traditional Collins' family meals.  We had such a relaxing and enjoyable time together. 

This picture is of Travis, Hudson and I right after we got home from our first Christmas Eve service with Saddleback Orange... we had 1,000 people show up at our first service!  Plus, it was great to see some San Clemente families who came to Orange to show their support:
My mom, step dad and Grandma joined us for one of the services.  My sister, Brittany and her husband Taylor came with some of Taylor's family too, but I didn't get a chance to take their picture :/

Travis, Brandon and Hudson:
I love this picture, because Hudson noticed the guys were giving thumbs up, so he tried really hard to be sure he could give a thumbs up too:

This next series of pictures are some of my favorite pictures... We got Hudson a bike for Christmas and the look on his face was just priceless:
Travis' family in Ohio were on skype so they could watch Hudson open the bike:
Uncle B gave Hudson a book so they sat and read together:
Christmas morning eating artichoke frittata, smokies and hash browns:

Then we headed off to my mom's to continue the Christmas celebration:
We always have another Christmas Eve and Christmas morning... no matter the date:
Of all the toys Hudson got, the fake ice cream cones were the winning ticket.  He didn't put them down all morning:
Hudson loves keys, so my sister, Summer got Hudson a door knob and keys :)
Playing games:
The whole fam:

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