Tuesday, August 11, 2009

CBU Girls Weekend

There is something so sweet about college girlfriends. They are so different than any other girlfriends you acquire at any other point in life. Something about living together during such a pivotal point of life creates a bond that will never be broken. These girls are some of my favs and I cherish our time together even if for the most part it is just once a year. I always seem to walk away from our time feeling refreshed and more encouraged in my walk with God. This year was special because this year we had little ones join the festivities.

Below is 7 out of the 8 of us who get together annually (Emily was only there for the first night and unfortunately we didn't take any pics that night).

All 5 of the kids minus baby Logan who is still baking in mom's tummy. (my brother-in-law Chad said this caption is "super mom-ish"... which I am allowed to be since I am a mom... haha)

The smiles didn't last long and I almost think this picture is cuter than the first.

We maybe 27 but we still act like we are 5 once we are in the pool. We had a hand stand competition and I think pregnant Amy won the prize;)

Then off to dinner... I couldn't pass up this picture... oh Michelle how I love you!
We have this tradition of "surprising" the pregnant moms with a baby shower when we go out to dinner. We started this because we all live all over the place so often we don't get to attend the traditional shower. Well, last year we did this for Marcella and Shannon, but little did we know I was actually pregnant. Travis and I found out we were going to have a baby a few hours after the girls left last year. I was expecting this year to just celebrate with Amy, but to my surprise the girls were prepared to celebrate baby Hudson too. It was totally sweet and unexpected.

Below is a picture of Amy opening up a few of the fun gifts...not much longer until Logan will be here!

I love you girls and I can't wait for next year!


Tim and Shannon said...

Love you too!!! Miss you and little Hud already!

Anonymous said...

You gals are too cute (and so are your babies!)
I LOVE the pic of the crying kids! hahaha

The Hofschroer's said...

I cherish our friendships too (and definitely the time together). And you actually did win the handstand competition... we were all just amazed that I could still do one!