Sunday, August 16, 2009

Camp Ojai

The last 2 weeks we have been in Ojai (which is near Ventura) for a camp with the high school students from our church. Saddleback Church has a few different campuses and since we are at the San Clemente campus we don't get to spend much time with the other staff members from other campuses. So, we really enjoyed getting to know a bunch of the high school ministry team. They are an amazing group of people who clearly have a heart for the Lord and the youth of our church. It was refreshing to be around them and the students. One of the highlights for me was to watch the students go from not really paying attention during worship to really responding by the end of the week. It is amazing what God can do to our hearts when we take time to step away from the chaos and distractions of our normal lives and focus on our relationship with Him.

The first week we stayed at a local hotel and the following week we stayed in a trailer on the camp grounds. Travis' brother, Chad, came with us and helped lead worship. It was nice to get some time with him. I think Hudson really enjoyed it. Here are a few pictures from our trip.

Hudson did great going to all the night sessions with the students. Everyone was constantly saying what a happy and easy going baby he is. He is such a social baby and already loves to interact with people. Below is a picture of the outdoor amphitheater where we had worship and a time of teaching.

We celebrated Travis' birthday during the first week. Since I couldn't make him a cake we decided to go to Wendy's to get a birthday frosty... that is the same thing right?

Hudson: "Mom got me a new toy. It is an elephant with a music box inside. I think we might call him 'Effy' (the name my Uncle Brandon gave him). At this point in Effy's life he spends a lot of time in my mouth."

Hudson: "Mom tried the target brand diapers... and well... we don't like them very much"

Hudson and I about to head out for dinner with the students.

One day each week the students would go for a beach day. At the end of the day we would have dinner, smores, and a time of testimonies and worship. During the last song Travis had the students turn around and just look at God's creation while we worshipped our Creator... it was such a sweet moment.

Chad was giving Hudson "raspberries" and it was so funny to watch him scream after each one.

The second week during beach day it was really cold around dinner time. So, we bundled Hudson up with his adorable little beanie and hooded sweatshirt.

I am not kidding when I said it was cold... it was so cold Hudson and I didn't last long. We ended up heading back to camp before the night was over.


Tim and Shannon said...

OMG! He looks like he has changed so much in the past few weeks! I love the picture with the elephant! So Cute! And also the geen striped beanie and hoodie are ADORABLE! I wish we didn't live so far away! miss you guys!

The Ramblin' Rat said...

How fun you got to go to Ojai! my younger cousins went the same time you did and had a blast. They talked about the "amazing worship leader" and his "adorable son" but I didn't put two and two together.