Saturday, December 18, 2010

Hudson you make me smile

We have a toy nativity set and Hudson especially loves the camel or what he calls "mamel".  He took a nap with his mamel and it just made me smile seeing him like this.  

Also, he is all boy.  He loves all things mechanical and right now keys are some of his favorite things to play with.  We took the lock off a box we didn't need and gave him the lock and keys.  He was entertained for hours.

Every time I look at this ornament I can hardly keep from laughing.  This was the ornament he made in his class during my Bible study.  He does not look happy in the picture that was taken while he was strapped into the "buggy" aka the 6 person stroller.  I am sure this epic ornament will bring laughter in our home for years and years to come.  

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Shaun, Erica, Isaac, & Parker said...

Don't you absolutely love the little people nativity!?!?!? It's my boys favorite! Isaac especially loves that transformer wiseman! Doesn't yours have that character in it? ;) He's also convinced that Darth Vader saw baby Jesus! Oh yes, definitely all boy! Merry Christmas!