Sunday, June 20, 2010

Some Collins' boys goodness...

I really love this picture, because it is just a glimpse into the kind of relationship Travis and Hudson have with one another.  Travis truly delights in his son and it is clear Hudson feels safe in his father's arms.  Hudson has learned that his father will never turn him away.  It is a good reminder of our Father in heaven.  It is so humbling to think that our Creator, our Lord takes delight in us.  Wow!  

Thank you Travis for being a reflection of God's love for us.  You are an amazing father and I love being on this adventure with you!  Happy Father's Day Love!

Looks like Hudson is pointing up at Travis and sayin' "you're the man"!

Gotta love the fake cry face:
He has learned to shake his fists in the air as we chant "go go go".  It might be one of the cutest things I have ever seen:

How cute are these little feet in these tiny flip flops?!?!

Saturday morning goodness.  Elmo and a juicy nectarine :)
We start 'em young here in the Collins' home.
I never want to forget how this sweet baby looks as he is fast asleep and I never want to forget how my heart feels as I watch him breathe in and out.  Some blessings never get old.


The Hofschroer's said...

great post hay! we miss you guys!!!

thegiarettafamily said...

How adorable is the picture of Hudson with the vaccuum cleaner!! You had to know I would comment on that one! lol I love it!