Sunday, June 6, 2010

Here's for one long Disneyland post...

Well, the Collins family is now proud owners of Disneyland passes!  We had passes while I was pregnant with Hudson, but it has been a little over a year since they expired.  So, we were pretty excited to be pass holders again.  This time around it is a whole new experience now that we have the Hud Bud.  Disneyland through his eyes is just better. 

We went three times the first week, so we are definitely getting our money's worth.  Here are pictures from Day 1.  We went with some of our really good college friends. 

The Hofschroer's, Collins' and Moss'... fun times!

Hudson LOVES the Pixar Parade.

Seeing life through his eyes:

Took just the point-and-shoot camera in our pocket on the ride.  Sometimes our big camera is just plain inconvenient. 

First time on the carousel and all he wanted to do was look up :)


Small world

Day 2: 
Hudson and I met my sister and my parents.  We were only planning on going a few hours and then ended up spending the entire day there.

Minnie Mouse!

And he was so cute just wanted to touch her face:

Hudson went on the Haunted House and even Pirates a couple of times.

Looking up again :)

Day 3: 
We went just the 3 of us.  This trip we decided to just take a back pack with our small point-and-shoot camera and the beco baby carrier.  We aren't fans of having a stroller at Disneyland so we thought we would try it out and it was awesome.  

And on our way out of the park Mickey Mouse was out visiting:

haha... Hudson was definitely intrigued:

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