Wednesday, September 2, 2009

More from our family photo shoot with Trever

Trever posted a few of these pictures on his blog, but here are a few more of some of our favorites. I will never take for granted how talented my brother-in-law is. He is constantly blessing us with pictures that will last a lifetime.
Between my dad and step mom there are 7 kids + 7 significant others + 8 grandkids... I can't even imagine how many grandkids they will end up with by the time we are all done having kids.

the original 7:
the 8 grandkids:
the girls:
the boys:
one of my favorite pictures of Hudson (these pictures were taken the day after he turned 3 months):
Hudson definitely has the "old man" look with his shorts hiked up and his little hat.

the 4 of us [watkins] girls:
Brooke and Trever:
Brittany and Taylor:
Summer and Bryan:

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