Thursday, September 24, 2009

Good Friends

Since we have been in San Clemente, some our best friends have been the Hartanov family.  We absolutely love spending time with them.  They are the kind of friends who you can call last minute just to hang out for a barbeque.  They have 4 beautiful daughters and we really respect and admire their parenting.  On Sunday after church, we went to their house to swim, eat dinner and watch the Dallas football game.  We had so much fun and as usual our time with them was very refreshing.

This past year has been a special time in our friendship because both Jessica and I were pregnant at the same time.  Their youngest daughter, Olivia was born just a month before Hudson.  We took pictures of them together back in June and it is crazy to see how much they have grown.

Jason showing his love for Romo and hoping for Olivia to catch on:

We had dinner over looking this amazing view from their house (which actually a camera couldn't even capture how far we could see from the left and right). God's creation truly is stunning.

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