Sunday, June 22, 2008

I'm back!

Well, I have actually been dreading catching up on my blog because so much as happened since the last time I posted.  It is the same feeling I have when I decide to journal the events that take place on a mission trip only to find my detailed nature has me swamped with a time consuming project of journaling.  Thus, the reason I have been avoiding blogging recent events.  I have decided the best form to deal with my issue is the "one step at a time" method. My goal is to post once a day until I am caught up...that is right I just said it once a day (I must admit I now feel as though I have some sort of online stalker or "anonymous" form of accountability).  

The following are topics on my "to do" list:
-Hofschroer weekend
-Giaretta's Baptism
-Rwanda Trip
-Brittany and Taylor's engagement!!!
-Brooke's shower
-Shannon's shower
-a silly way to make money
-San Clemente summers/childhood summer memories

To start I thought I would just post a few fun pictures from this weekend. 
Travis and I spent a lot of time at the beach this weekend especially since on Saturday it was 90 degrees in San Clemente!!!  For those of you who don't live here, I must tell you this is highly unusual for our town.  Since we typically only have weather in the 70-80 degree range in the summer and it normally is accompanied by a nice ocean breeze, no one in San Clemente has air conditioners in their homes...including us.  On these kinds of days, the only solution is to cool off in the water. 

One of my favorite things about the summer is spending time at the beach and then getting nice and clean before heading to a relaxing night out.  

After our Saturday afternoon swim, we came home, showered and then we were off to grab some tacos at Wahoo's before we headed to the movies.  While at eating our tacos we asked for the server to take a picture of us.  The funny thing is it took the guy three tries to take the picture because he wasn't holding the button down long enough (and I don't think he really understood our directions given in English).  So, not only was it awkward that we were taking a picture in Wahoo's (basically labeling ourselves "tourists"), but it took him 3 times!!! I am sure the table behind our server got a good laugh out of it because for about 5 minutes we were looking their direction smiling.  Note to self: always be sure the one whom you have asked to take your picture understands English and if this luxury is not an option...hope for the best. 


Then after church this morning our small group decided we would grab some pizza down town. After lunch we realized we all had the same plan for the rest of the day....go to the beach.  So, we decided to spend the afternoon together and surf!  We were pretty excited because Trav and I have lived here for two years and we still don't know how to surf.  And after my near death experience, last fourth of July, I have been a little apprehensive. However, two of the guys in our group have surfed before and were willing to share both their boards and their knowledge. The good news is we both got up and we have come to the realization this might become an addiction for us.  It was so much fun and we high hopes to some day have boards of our own. 




The Hofschroer's said...

I am very excited to see that you are making lists... and it was even more exciting when I saw that we made the list!! YAY us! I look forward to reading all that you have to share over the next couple of week or two (thats about how long your list was). Also... many you look tan!

Erin said...

woohoo! hayley I'm so proud of you that you made it up!! i think you're one of the very few who feel my pain with this.... so scary after a bad experience! but you did it! maybe someday i'll make it out there again...yikes! :) so good to see you last weekend! muah!
<3 erin

Jeff Marshman said...

I must say, life looks pretty tough for the Collins family!!! I am extremely jealous that you live near the ocean!! But so glad that you are enjoying it haha...