Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Let me tell you about Roxanna...

So there are many people in my life who have loved me and have inspired me to pursue Christ with everything in me. Some have only been in my life for a short season and others I have shared life with for a long time. Some of these people I would consider "kindred spirits" and with others its seems we just aren't dancing to the same song.

Well, Roxanna, is one of those people who I feel I have a "kindred spirit". She has taught me so much about life and even in ways she doesn't know. See with Roxanna it is never like I am her "discipleship project". She just loves God and it is reflected in how she lives. Thus, inspiring others around her to love God in the same way. She has taught me to cherish the simple things in life, to appreciate the mundane, and to change one's perspective on the things which can appear to be a thorn in one's side.

Let me example. When Travis and I moved into our little yellow house there were a few things I needed to adjust to. The house was built in the 50s which I love, but there are aspects of a house built in the 50s that can be challenging. One of those things is that we do not have a dishwasher. So, every time we drink a cup of water or butter a piece of toast there are dishes to be done. It is especially challenging when you make dinner for a larger crowd because the clean up can be more exhausting than the preparations. When I shared this with Roxanna she shared with me her story of living in a house with no dishwasher and it has changed me. She said in her oh so sweet Roxanna way, "Ya know Hayley, I didn't have a dishwasher for a couple of years when Gaby and Greyson were little. Instead of dreading it I turned it into a time where I would just talk to God. You see doing the dishes is a mindless task and yet a task that forces you to stay in one spot. You can either dread doing the dishes or look at it as a chance to slow down enough to listen and talk to our Creator." It is so simple, but it changed me. I no longer look at the dishes as a dreaded chore, but as an opportunity to appreciate the simple things in life and to remember the One who gave so much to us.

There are many stories to share about Roxanna. I am sure I will post more along the way, but I want to live like Roxanna. Her life can be crazy being a pastor's wife and a mother, but she still strives to love the simple. Today I went on her blog and read a list of things under the title "comforting". There are many things on her list that I completely identified with and I was inspired to create me own list. So here it is (some of them I borrowed from Roxanna's list):

  • the sound of Travis' keys in the front door
  • the smell of dinner cooking
  • warm sunshine on your face
  • coffee brewing
  • the smell of laundry drying
  • the smell of fresh cut grass or the smell of rain
  • a fire crackling
  • a really good worship song
  • the sound of my husband singing and playing his guitar
  • a freshly cleaned house
  • the Bible I just to read and mark on through college
  • holding a newborn baby
  • Sunday afternoon naps
  • the sound of a congregation really entering in and worshipping God Almighty
  • the sound of birds chirping on a crisp morning
  • the consistent sound of waves crashing
  • my golden retriever's constant presence
  • the sound of one of my family members' voice on the other line of the phone
  • a hot shower after a cold day in the snow

What things do you find comforting?


gabrielle said...

You have written a beautiful blog, Hayley. I am so proud to be able to say that this wonderful woman is my mother. She is all that you described and more...she is my hero! :)

leslie b said...

yay for new bloggers... I love blog stalking too, but only people I know, it would just be weird to read about someone I don't know... anyways, right now one of the most comforting sounds is that of my 3 week old son sucking his pacifier. He just recently decided that sucking this rubber object brings him comfort and, more importantly to me, most times, sleep. (new mom confession; it also lets me know he's breathing and I don't have to keep straining to hear a breath or putting my finger under his nose to feel the air exchange ;)

Keri Sheckler said...

Your simple story was a great encouragement to me today. I, too, am thankful for this godly woman, Rox, who has influenced so many lives.

Anonymous said...

Hayley, the key to being a good blogger is frequent posts, short posts, and always include pictures. Get on it! :)