Thursday, April 10, 2008

the sweetness of friendship

So, I have been getting a little slack for starting a blog and not blogging.  Thanks to "anonymous"  I was reminded to be a good blogger one must blog often, write short blogs and always include a picture.  Here it goes...

I was going through a few pictures to see what I could post for the picture of the day.  I came across a few pictures of some of my sweetness and most cherished friends.  For the past 2 years we have established a girls weekend which takes place once a year.  We all look forward to it each year.  See the thing is we spent so much time together in college and we may have even taken it for granted.  We lived together, shopped together, cried together, shared clothes, watched each other date, watched some get married, and now we are seeing little ones being born.  Now that we all are living our lives in different places doing different things we often miss our time together.  So we really cherish our girls' weekend which consists of talking, crying, laughing, chocolate, starbucks, and a moment to dress up.  Hopefully, we will still maintain this tradition even when we are older. I love these girls for many reasons, but one of the reasons I love them is for their genuine love for Christ. I hope you all reading this have been blessed to have such friends.

I love you...Amy, Shannon, Sarah, Emily, Michelle and Marcella (and of course, Natalie who couldn't make it)

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