Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Update on baby #2...

Well, as I begin to go through all our photos from this summer (since I really haven't posted all summer long), I figured I should start out with an update on the little one that we are expecting in just 6 weeks from now!  Last I blogged, we still hadn't decided if we were going to find out the gender of our baby.  

When we had Hudson we definitely knew we wanted to find out and we didn't want to just find out at the doctor's office.  So, after some research and one idea giving to the next, we came up with having a cake party to reveal the gender of our baby.  You can see the photos here and the video here.  It really was so much fun and a day we will never forget.  And it has fun to see friends and friends of friends who have since done the same thing to find out what they were having... and even a few have put a little twist on it. 

Anyway, I think with the first baby it was really nice to know what we were having, but Trav and I have both said we have always thought it would be fun to not find out.  We went back and forth, weighing out the pros and cons to finding out and not finding out.  The day before our 20 week ultrasound, we finally decided not to find out.  

We had the ultrasound technician print out the photos that reveal the gender and place them in an envelope, so that we could have them for a keep sake.  A lot of people are surprised that we haven't been tempted to look, but because we decided we didn't want to know it isn't a temptation at all.  After the ultrasound, the reality that we were going to have to wait several more months really started hitting us, but once we made it to about 24 weeks it really hasn't been hard at all.  

We are beyond excited for this baby and we can't wait to finally find out what God has blessed us with.  We absolutely love having a son and we would love to have another son.  The bond between brothers, especially those who are close in age is just so sweet.  But, then we also know that it would be fun to have a girl.  However, since we are hoping for a big family, we really don't feel like this baby has to be a girl or we will never have a girl.  

So, with that said, we are anticipating both.  Some days I dream about having a daughter and other days I dream about having a son.  It actually has been more fun that I thought it would be not to know what we are having.  We have both a girl name and a boy name picked out, so it is just a matter of time before we know who it has been that we have been praying for these last several months. 

Everyone always asks what I feel like we are having and I really don't have much of an answer.  In the beginning, I really thought it was a girl, but the second half the pregnancy I really think it is a boy.  I have had dreams about both and so, I really just don't know.   My pregnancies have been very similar, the only difference being I was sick for about 4 weeks longer with this baby.  At this point, I have gained the exact amount of weight so far with this baby as I did with Hudson, although, I just gained it a lot faster before I finally started slowing down a few weeks ago.  

I had a really great birth experience with Hudson and I actually enjoyed it! :) I know that things could be totally different with this baby and I am beginning to pray more specifically about it as we get closer to my due date.  However,  I must say, I am just as excited to hold this baby as I was with Hudson, but I do have additional butterflies in my stomach knowing that when this sweet baby finally makes an appearance that I will get to hear my husband say boy or girl!  I can't wait!!! 

The picture below is of our baby's face at 20 weeks.  Our ultrasound technician surprised us and turned the ultrasound to 3D.  We never had a 3D ultrasound with Hudson, so it was fun to see how clearly we could see the baby.  Some people think based on this picture it is a boy... 

The day of the ultrasound at 20 weeks:
23 weeks:
Our good friends are expecting their second baby and due on the same day as us... here is Natalie and I at her masquerade party celebrating the completion of her master's!  We are both about 24 weeks:
25 weeks:
27 weeks:
31 weeks:
33 weeks:

And here are a few photos our amazing brother-in-law Trever took of us when I was almost 33 weeks:
We can't wait to see Hudson as a big brother and we have really begun to pray for him with this transition.  Siblings are one of the greatest gifts and a tool God uses to teach us in so many different areas.  I know there may be a few tough days for Hudson as he begins to share his time with the baby, but the gift he is receiving in exchange is priceless:

Sometimes it feels like this pregnancy has gone by so fast, but then other times it feels like forever.  When I think about the fact that I have been pregnant since January, been to Europe twice and all the craziness life has brought... it seems like I have been pregnant a long time.  However, now I am beginning to feel the pressure that the baby will be here in approximately 6 weeks!  I have a ton of editing to get done from different weddings we shot this summer, 2 more weddings to shoot, an engagement session and a ton of family sessions all to be done before the baby gets here.  

In addition to the photography work, I need to actually wash the car seat cover, baby clothes (those that I have which are gender neutral) and I wanted to get Christmas shopping done too!  Thankfully, my mom is going to help me accomplish my ridiculous "to do" list... and maybe I need to get a little realistic with what things are most important to get done.  Not to mention the fact that Travis is back in the studio (finally) trying to finish up recording his first record with Integrity music!  Needless to say, we would covet your prayers as we try to tackle all that is on our plate and as we prepare for our family to transition from a family of 3 to a family of 4!

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