Sunday, May 29, 2011

Steven Curtis Chapman Concert

Well, I really haven't blogged much the last couple of months.  There are several reasons for this, but I am ready to beginning catching up on our blog.  I realized today I haven't posted about the Steven Curtis Chapman concert, potty training Hudson, Hud's 2nd birthday, Easter, Mother's Day, and just life in general.  

Side note:  I am going to try to catch up this week before I head back to Europe in a little over a week!  This time I will be traveling to Denmark to shoot a wedding at a beautiful castle.  I am really excited and a little nervous about leaving Hudson for so long. I will be traveling with the sister of the bride, Lina and her husband, Eric.  Trav and I actually shot Eric and Lina's wedding last summer and now I will be heading to Lina's hometown to be a part of capturing her sister's wedding day!  Trav and I really love them and we had so much fun at their wedding last summer.  I remember walking away from their wedding saying how much fun their families were and how I think I would really like the Danish culture.  Needless to say, I am really excited to really experience Denmark. 

Anyway, here are a few photos and videos from the Steven Curtis Chapman concert that Travis opened up for.  It really was such an honor and a blessing for Travis and the guys to get to open up for someone who has had such a significant impact on music and the church.  

Before the concert, we had the greatest talk with Steven and his son's backstage.  We were able to ask Steven questions about how he and his family have managed life and family while working in such a unique area of ministry.  Steven was so honest and vulnerable about the struggles of life in this kind of ministry.  It really was great to be able to listen to him and just soak up any words of wisdom that he shared.  

We were also able to talk to him a little bit about how their lives have been impacted by the loss of their sweet daughter and how God has been their strength.  After our conversation, I added his wife's book Choosing to See to my "must read" list of books I want to read through.  Also, it was really sweet, but Hudson had just gotten his drum set a few days before the concert and he had blisters on his hands from playing for so many hours.  Steven's son, Will plays the drums and has since he was about Hudson's age.  He showed Hudson the blisters he had on his own hands which apparently he has been getting blisters on his hands since he was a boy too.  

The 3 of us backstage right before the concert:
I didn't have time to get a good picture, because I was running back and forth between handling the final ticket sales, managing the merchandize table and watching Hudson.  So, I just took a quick picture with my point and shoot camera of the guys running through the songs one last time before the concert started:

I think Brandon did a pretty good job imitating Hudson's look...haha:
I know... I am a dork for taking this picture.  I wish I would have actually taken the time to get a group picture of us with Steven and his son's instead of just taking a picture of their names on the doors backstage:
Travis, Brandon and Josh:

Here are a few videos I just took with my flip camera:

Steven Curtis Chapman with 2 of his sons and their guitarist:

p.s.  I hate calling this night a "concert" because it wasn't just a concert.  It really was just a sweet night of corporate worship with a group of believers.  I left so encouraged in my faith and refreshed.


joshandliz said...

you're not a dork for taking the pictures of the schedule. your hubby opened for steven curtis chapman. that's impressive! =)

-The Riegelmann Family- said...

Man, we wish we could have been there! We haven't seen you guys in forever! It was fun to watch the clips though :)