Monday, May 30, 2011

Hudson's 1st Hair Cut

On March 25th, we took Hudson to get his 1st hair cut.  We have trimmed it several times along the way, because we didn't want the totally and completely awkward growing out hair.  But, completely chopping it off was a whole different story.  Hudson's long hair had some really cool moments, but being the active fun little boy that he is... most of the time it just landed in his face.  So, we knew it was time.  The night before we cut it we did one last bubble bath mohawk with his hair to remember how long it was. 

Then before the appointment we took him to the park to get a few more pictures of his precious baby hair:
Showing off a few moves:
And yes, that is gum in his mouth.  Right around the same time, he asked for some gum and we couldn't believe that he chewed it for almost an hour without swallowing it:
We did have some really awesome hair moments :)

My cousin cuts our hair and she always does an amazing job.  I definitely didn't want Hudson to have the "little boy" hair cut and she did a great job keeping it really cute.  Although, he hated the process: 
We ended up going outside of the salon, so we didn't bother those who were trying to relax:
The chocolate shake we brought finally helped him calm down:

And waa laa... what a cutie:
And here is one cheesy smile of him the day after:

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