Monday, April 11, 2011


Well, we have shared lots of exciting news as of late, but there really is nothing more exciting than another little blessing from the Lord that is growing within me :)  We are expecting BABY #2 to arrive sometime around October 24th!!! I am 12 weeks along and finally getting a little bit of my energy back.

Here is the story of this little blessing...
We had originally thought we wanted to have another baby closer to Hudson's 2nd birthday (which is just in a couple of weeks), but after considering all the different circumstances in our life and praying together... we decided to wait about 6 months longer than we had planned.  It was hard waiting, but we both felt like we were making the right decision.  We had to trust God with His timing and we knew that regardless of our plans God is ultimately the One who gives life.  So, we were beyond thrilled when we found out on February 11th that I was pregnant with this little baby!!!!  So, Hudson and this little one will be almost exactly 2 1/2 years apart (that is if this baby comes on time).

It was really sweet for me to get to tell Travis that we were officially going to be a family of 4!  It was one of the sweet moments in life that we will always remember and cherish.  Later that evening we dropped Hudson off with my parents and headed out for date together to celebrate.  We pulled out the same little outfits I used to tell Travis I was pregnant with Hudson and we took a family picture.  

It was great to spend the time just the two of us talking about all that we are looking forward to and just being so thankful to the Lord for this little blessing.  

About a week later, I immediately started having morning sickness which was about the exact same time I started feeling sick with Hudson.  I was really worried about traveling on an international flight to the UK with a toddler and with the schedule I knew we had while we there.  I even contemplated not going... but I decided to call my doctor and she gave me what I call my "magic pills" :).  These little pills were sent to me from heaven :)  The medicine is completely safe for both me and the baby, so I decided to try it.  It is amazing how 5 minutes after I take the medicine I completely feel better.  Needless to say, I felt great on our trip to the UK and I haven't had to deal with the morning sickness the last couple of months.

Although I haven't been feeling sick (thanks to my pills), I have been exhausted!  I did great with the jet lag on the way to England, but when we got home... I was wiped out!!! Seriously, whenever Hudson was sleeping... I was sleeping.   So, it feels great to finally have some energy back.

We had our first ultrasound at 8 weeks and it was just so amazing!  We were beyond thrilled to see that there was only one baby and to see the baby had a strong heartbeat.   We have since had the ultrasound picture hanging on our fridge and every time Hudson sees it, he says, "baby!".

We decided to take a family picture together in London to share our big news.  So, here are my two favorite pictures from our entire trip :) 

It is also amazing how much quicker I am already showing with this baby.  I am thankful for my friends who have two children for warning me about this.  I hear that I will slow down somewhere towards the middle.  Either way, I absolutely love being pregnant.  

(I didn't realize until today that I am wearing the same outfit as the day we found out I was pregnant...haha)
Here I am at 12 weeks!
I am one of those crazy women who loves being pregnant, and thanks to the grace of God I had a great delivery and I didn't have any trouble at all with nursing Hudson.  I remember when I checked into the hospital when I was in labor with Hudson... the nurse reviewed my chart and said I was the perfect patient.  This is of no credit to me, but all to the Lord.  I am so thankful to have had a healthy pregnancy and delivery with Hudson.  We are praying once again that the Lord would grant us grace with another healthy pregnancy, delivery and baby.  

We just got back from our 12 week check up with the doctor today and it was so great to hear our little baby's heartbeat.  It is just as exciting hearing it the second time around.  We can't wait to see Hudson as a big brother.  We are so excited to have another little newborn and all the joys that another little will bring into our lives.  God is so good and we are so undeserving of His gifts.  He is the One to be praised! 


Katie Hunt said...

Congratulations!! That is so fun and what a blessing! I am pretty sure I enjoyed the same " magic pills" as you did- and they saved me too!

like a dream photography said...

HOW EXCITING!!!!!!!!!!!!! (I am a friend on facebook and absolutely love to occasionally glance through your family photos and see the AWESOME journey you guys are on!) Congratulations on beautiful baby #2!

Linda said...

beautiul pics and writing i balled my eyes out in joy
Glory be to God
praying with you for healthy baby and easier labor and delivery
God is good

thegiarettafamily said...

Congratulations to you & Travis!! We are soooo happy for you guys and to hear about God's blessings in your lives!! It is truly one of God's greatest blessings to be chosen as parents to his children. It is so much fun having your first, but just wait until you see Hudson and the baby bonding and growing together-I am warning you that it will just melt your heart. We will be praying for you to have another healthy pregnancy & delivery :-) (I took those same "magic pills" lol with Brooklyn aren't they awesome?!)
We love you guys,
The Giaretta Family xoxo

joshandliz said...

congratulations!! so very exciting!! as soon as i started reading, i was wondering how traveling went. glad those pills helped so much. are they the ones that originally came out on the market for chemo patients? i've heard about those and tried to get some from my Dr. but she totally shot me down and told me they wouldn't help! whatever. anyway, glad you were still able to enjoy your trip =)