Tuesday, April 5, 2011

England {part 1}

It is hard to begin blogging about our trip to England, because there are so many wonderful stories we could tell.  I don't plan on sharing them all on my blog, but I will share a few.  Overall, the trip was so refreshing for all of us spiritually and God really spoke to us in so many different ways. 

Hudson did amazing on both flights.  He has always traveled really well on the 4-5 hour fllights we often take to and from Ohio, but flying for 10-12 hours is a whole different story.  He did amazing!  On the way there we had an extra seat for him.  He played for the first 4 hours, then we layed his blanket down on his seat and he slept in between Travis and I for the next 6 hours.  When we landed he woke up happy and ready to go.

Here is Trav with Hudson after he received his first stamp in his passport:
After we landed we picked up the car that we were planning on renting for the duration of the trip,  however, after our drive into Cambridge and after crunching a few more numbers, we ended up returning the car the next day.  It was one of the best decisions we made. With that said, it was a great experience and we definitely had fun! After 30 minutes in the parking lot and laughing until I was crying... we finally had a few legistics figured out and we were on our way.

  I was the one who was driving... so just imagine driving on the wrong side of the road, from the wrong side of the car, and a stick shift on the wrong side... all of that was manageable, BUT what was worse was their round-abouts.  I would get nervous everytime we got close to a round-about.  They definitely are not like our round-abouts and they go flying off their freeways into a them at really high speeds.   I was the one driving because we thought I would be dropping off the guys at all their writing appointments and it costs more to add additional drivers.  However, after our first few round-abouts, if the guys could have driven, I would have happily handed over the keys.

 We didn't take any pictures of our car, but here is a short video.  Brandon did a great job navigating while Trav hung out with Hudson in the back seat:

From the airport, we headed straight for Cambridge where we walked around a little and grabbed a bite to eat.  Talk about a town full of history... I wish we could have stayed longer and explored:
It really is just amazing and breath taking all the architecture and history that is found on every corner:

After dinner we headed to St. Ives which is right outside of Cambridge, where we stayed with the Kirk family.  Our visit with them can only be described as "refreshing".  Talk about a family who walks with the Lord and pursues Him with all that they are!  Just hearing about what God is doing in their lives and ministries was just amazing.  I felt myself fighting back the tears on more than one occasion.  There is something infectious about people who are passionate about our Savior.  There family has been following Christ for 8 generations!  What an amazing heritage!
Hudson loved getting to play with all the British children that were around:
Even Brandon had a good time with the kids:
Hudson and Harry had a special relationship.  Anything... and I mean anything Harry did made Hudson laugh.  We can still talk about Harry and Hudson will start laughing or he will start imitating Harry.  It is such a blessing to see how children are completely unaware of cultural differences... they just know how to love.  It was so sweet to watch:

A little jet lagged (Although, I must say the jet lag was not bad when we got there, but when we got home... we all had a hard time adjusting):
The next morning Travis and Brandon led worship for a church plant in St. Ives.  Travis is still talking about how blessed he was by this church.  They were suppose to lead worship for 40 minutes, but they ended up leading worship for the entire hour and half.  The people were so responsive to the Lord... it was really moving to be a part of worshiping our Creator together. 
Towards the end of this video you will see the pastor dancing and worshipping with the children in the main service... we loved it!

A simple school room, a simple system, and a group of believers who are passionate about their Savior...

Brandon and Travis with more of the Kirk family:
The Kirk grandfather... he is 94 years old and loves the Lord with every fiber in him:
The pastor of the church:
After the service we all stayed around to enjoy tea, coffee and fellowship.  I loved how everyone didn't rush out...they just spent time with each other. Then after lunch and more fellowship with the Kirk family, they showed us around St. Ives.  Some of these buildings are over 700 years old!
This used to be the one and only water pump for the entire town:
Here is a picture of a home with a thatched roof... they still keep up the roofs and people still live in them!
In front of a church and graveyard over 700 years old:
It is amazing to think people have been worshipping the Lord in this building for so many years:
Brandon and I showing how short this door was... I guess they used to just bend down when they entered into the homes.  This home is still being used:
Hudson all snuggled up in his stroller:
More of the beauty of St. Ives:

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