Thursday, January 28, 2010

Growing up

Hudson is growing up and changing so much in this last month.  Not only does he now have teeth, but he is crawling everywhere and standing up on everything.  Here are a few recent pictures.

We had to lower the crib after finding him like this:

Pulling up and standing on his own:

Hanging out with the Hofschroer boys:

First time riding on Travis' shoulders... as you can see he loves it!

Hudson makes this funny sound that no one seems to be able to imitate.  We can't figure out how he does it or where it came from.  He makes the sound about half way through the video.

His first hair cut!!! Well, really it was just a trim on the front piece of hair.

If you look really close, you can see the hair we cut off.  Haha... I even saved that small piece of hair for his keep sake box.

Here are pictures of the new do:

Showing off his new skills:

Hudson talking up a storm and showing off his crawling skills:

Oh and other news... Brittany and Taylor now have a blog!!!  Brooke, Summer and I have been requesting this for a while.  Thank you, CBU for providing internet connections for such blogs =)


Emily Burton said...

I absolutely love this guy! He is so cute and so energetic! I love watching your silly videos. They made my day!

StacyGal said...

check out those baby blues!!! woo he is such a cutie!!

The Marshmans said...

just thank God you didn't have to lower the crib because he fell out of it!... we didn't realize Henry could stand up and then climb out, it was not a fun discovery for us! So fun to see you on this journey!

Anonymous said...

He is too stinkin' cute!
Love it! You're blessed :)

stringsofpurls said...

That sound he makes is amazing! Love that boy!

Anonymous said...

Hi Haley,
thanks for commenting on our blog now I have yours too so I will keep up with your happenings through here. Your little man is so cute! I love the mohawk, that is pretty much Jaxton's daily hair due too. We have been in the hospital with him this week he has RSV and has been super sick. We were even on the news. You should check out the story. It is at

Hope you are doing well we are trying to recover from no sleep for a week.