Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Travis Ryan!

Our God is so good. His ways are definitely not our ways.

Travis' CD just came out this last week. It really is a testimony to work of God in our lives. As of 3 months ago, there was no budget for a project to record a CD. We had dreams and hopes, but ultimately everything happened in God's timing. In a matter of weeks, God provided all that was needed in order to do this project. There are so many stories to share of how God brought so many wonderful people to be a part of this. The purpose of this CD isn't to bring fame to Travis nor is it to bring riches. The purpose was to write music that was theologically sound and that was all about the glory of God. If you would like to purchase a CD you can either do so by contacting Travis or myself... or you can purchase it off i-tunes as of July 15th.

Trever Hoehne did the photography for the album.  He also took the pictures below which I took off of his blog. Here is a sneak peek of the Travis Ryan album cover.  Also you can check out his new blog by clicking here. 


Natalie said...

We LOVE the CD!!! Reaching Out is my favorite!!! Love you both!

WIP said...

Reaching Out is an AMAZING song. I can not wait to get the entire CD.