Thursday, July 3, 2008

Brittany and Taylor are engaged!!!

This is old news now, but I thought I should post about Brittany and Taylor's engagement.  On May 30th, Taylor took Brittany out for the day to celebrate her 23rd birthday.  While they were out Taylor proposed to Britt at the same beach where they spent a lot of time in the beginning of their relationship.  After he proposed he took her to one of her favorite restaurants on the Balboa peninsula.  The fun part is Taylor made plans for all their friends and family to be at the restaurant for what we thought was a surprise birthday party. 

When they showed up we all yelled, "surprise and happy birthday".  Brittany instantly started sobbing.   I thought it was so cute she was so excited we were all there to celebrate her birthday, but what we didn't know (except for, of course, the parents) was that we were there for a surprise engagement party too.  

Brooke looked down at Britt's hand and to her surprise there was a ring.  She turned back to me to say, "Brittany has a ring on".  We looked back at Britt to confirm our suspicions and at the same time Taylor whispered in her ear, "they don't know you are engaged".  Brittany instantly put out her hand and you can only imagine the screams that were heard.  

Taylor did an amazing job making the day so special for Britt.  He picked out the perfect ring and pulled off an incredible proposal.  Also, for dinner he had the restaurant make a personalized menu.  The menu was filled with all of Brittany's favorite things.   If you want to read the story from Britt's perspective click here

This was right when Brittany walked in. 
Showing off the bling!

This is the traditional sister engagement picture.  Whenever one of us gets engaged we take this picture, but the newly engaged girl puts her hand on top. 
Britt's bridesmaids.
The happy couple.

Britt and one her best friends and now engaged at the same time!

Congratulations Britt and Taylor! I can't wait for your Christmas wedding!  The picture below wasn't from the day he proposed, but I thought it was a cute picture of the soon to be "Mr. and Mrs. Neece".

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