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Well, with our baby due in just 11 more days, I figured I would just do a long post for each month of the summer.  I didn't blog much this summer, but since I plan on printing our blog out for our family I decided I should just post a few ridiculously long posts to catch up. 

First up, the month of June. 
I actually did go to Denmark... although, I haven't posted a single picture of myself there. It really was an amazing trip for me and so refreshing on so many levels including spiritually.  I traveled with our friends Eric and Lina and stayed with Lina's family while I was there.  They treated me like family and I was so blessed to be in their company. 

It was hard to leave Hudson for 10 days especially since the first time I had left him over night was only a few months before, however, after Travis and I prayed about it we really felt like this was a really good thing for me.  The hardest part was actually saying goodbye to him.  I was crying and had a knot in my throat all while trying to hide it from Hudson.  He wouldn't understand and I didn't want to make it harder on him.  

I hit another tough moment when after being gone for about 3 days, Hudson woke up in the night crying and told Trav, "mommy back".  I lost it when I heard that.  Of course, I began questioning everything, but then I came back to the realization that Hudson is the Lord's.  He always has been and always will be.  It really was a great opportunity for him to bond with Travis even more than he already is and with all his grandparents and aunts and uncles who helped watch him while I was gone.  

 Anyway, here are a few photos from my trip. 
Doesn't this little street look exactly what you imagine a European street to look like?  I have traveled all across Europe, but I must say Denmark is towards the top of my list.  It now has such a special place in my heart.  Most people don't know where Denmark is, so give you an idea it is about a 6 hour drive north of Paris:

We were all exhausted when this was taken since it was the day after the wedding weekend festivities (remember their weddings last until 3:00am).  In this photo are Lina and Eric (who we shot their wedding last summer after they found us online and since have become really good friends), Lina's sister, Nana & her husband Rune (whose wedding I shot while I was there) & their parents, Klau & Mai.  
One day while we were there, we traveled to their summer house that is along the coast and spent some time touring around.  All the homes have grass growing on the roofs to blend the houses in with the landscape around.  It was like a little hobbit town and just so beautiful!
It was really windy!
Lina and I:

This food was amazing and all fresh since we were right on the coast:
At the wedding, there were a few of us who were pregnant.  The other two girls have since had their babies :)
Outside of the gorgeous mansion where we stayed for the wedding weekend and where the cake reception was:
Before I went to Denmark, Travis and I were sitting in the doctor's office waiting to hear our baby's heartbeat.  Trav was reading through a magazine and came across an article on the best food/drinks in the world.  Well, one of the places that was listed was Coffee Collective in Copenhagen which I was going to.  So, Trav begged me to go and check it out.  I don't like really strong coffee, so although I enjoyed it, it was not my favorite.  I know however, Travis would have LOVED this place.  Hopefully, someday we will get to go back together.  They roast their own beans right their in the coffee shop. I brought some home to share with Travis. :)  They have been chosen as best roasted coffee in the world. 
Drinking the famous coffee:
Eric and Lina:
Lina and her brother, Mads and I on a boat about to have a tour of Copenhagen:
We went to the royal palace and of course, I had to take a picture of the guards:
We saw an outdoor ballet and at the world's oldest theme park.  It was so much fun and again, I am always amazed at the history and culture in Europe:

Eric, Lina, Mads and his girlfriend, Cetta (who I just love) and me at the theme park:
The guard gave me his hat to take a picture...haha... I guess I look pretty American:
Having breakfast together before we headed out for a day of touring in Copenhagen:
One of our last days there, we went to Cetta's apartment to have breakfast together and then headed out for a day of shopping :) 
And I ate gelato ice cream!  I haven't had good gelato ice cream since I was in Italy in college.  I was really excited :) 
We definitely had fun shopping together :) 
More coffee and fresh bread... I miss all the amazing bread we had while I was there.  
And I just thought this stroller was so cute.  Almost everyone in Denmark pushes strollers like these:
Then when I returned home from Denmark, my in laws were in town visiting.  It was so great to see them and of course, to be with Hudson and Travis again.  When I came home from the airport it was late at night and I ran in to grab Hudson out of his crib.  He just looked at me and fell asleep again on my shoulder.  After holding him for a while, I laid him back down and did a little unpacking.  Then I went and grabbed him to bring him in bed with us.  At this point, he woke up and just kept hugging and kissing me and saying, "mommy back".  He held on so tight and cuddled all night long.  We did skype while he was gone which really made it a lot easier, but it was just so sweet to be with him again. 
While they were here we spent a day at Disneyland:
Also, during the month of June we had a visit from one of my good college friends, Shannon and her 2 kids. They live up north so it is always a treat when we get to see them:
Hudson and Brooke turned the living room into a gigantic chaotic mess.   They seemed to love every moment :)
An attempt to get a picture with all three kiddos: 
We also spent an evening with my sister and some of the Rwandan students from CBU who were camping here in San Clemente.
Hudson loved the tent :)
We took several family bike rides, which often ended up at breakfast downtown at the bagel shack. 
We spent a lot of time at the beach together:
June turned out to be a great month, busy, but wonderful. 

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Lina said...

hahah.. so many great memories! It made me think of the 'party house'... Hayley, we loved having you in DK! some people are just good at 'taking cultures in' and have the ability to enjoy being somewhere very different than what they are used to. you are one of those people :) ... next time we plan a trip where your boys and baby can come too :)