Thursday, January 6, 2011

Family Photos

This Christmas has been our busiest yet.  With Travis being in ministry... Christmas is busy, but being that he is in music ministry the season tends to be even busier with all the rehearsals, performances and extra concerts.  He was in a musical at church and he played/sang for several Christmas concerts.  In addition to that, we had a ton of photo shoots scheduled, some of which even got rescheduled into the new year due to the rain.  All this to say, we actually got rained out from our own family photo shoot with my brother-in-law, Trever and so we took what Jen and I call "new year's" pictures ;)  

Thanks to Trever for doing an amazing job!  He always amazes us with his talent and his artist ability.  Trever was a painter before he ever became a photographer and thus, he has an edge that is just phenomenal!  And thanks to my sister, Summer for helping to style our wardrobe.  All my sisters have great style and I love shopping with them.  Sometimes it is just nice to have a second pair of eyes to see things even in your own closest differently.  This year all I knew was that I wanted to wear the boots Travis gave me for Christmas, a dress and red lipstick :)  haha... and I wanted Hudson to wear his Christmas bow tie.  I had ordered his bow tie a few months ago from the same girl on etsy that I ordered his Easter bow tie.  She is great, because I sent her a picture of the fabric I was looking for in a bow tie and she made one for me.  I am a sucker for a good etsy shop :) 

Summer helped picked out my dress (which only cost $22) and the rest of my outfit and then we pulled together Hudson's outfit from things we already had (minus the shoes that were originally $60 on sale for $24... side note: who would ever buy a pair of shoes for a toddler for $60!).  Travis and I found his shirt, cardigan and bow tie and the best part was that all the items were on sale, then on sale again, and then marked down another 30%.   We texted a picture to Summer for the final approval :)  I don't normally blog about our clothes, but I wanted to give credit to my awesome sister :)  If you ever need help styling for an event, a photo shoot or you want to update your house... you should give her a call

So, here are a few of our favorites of our "new year" pictures:

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Anonymous said...

Such a great idea! What a beautiful family you have! I am so in love with your boots!! Where on earth did you get those adorable shoes?!