Wednesday, November 4, 2009


So, earlier I posted about having a job change.  I have been working from home doing inside sales support for a company.  My boss came down to have coffee with me two weeks ago and let me know they were going to have to lay me off.  The company just wasn't making it, so they had to restructure a few things which included a few lay offs.

This news really was bitter sweet.  Bitter because of course, it is always hard to loose a part of your income.  Sweet because I will be able to collect unemployment for a while, allowing me to focus on Hudson and photography.  Travis and I are working towards launching our photography blog and we are hoping to have it up and running in the very near future.

We are already booking family holiday shoots, so if you or someone you know is looking to get a few pictures taken give us a call.  Our calendars are already starting to fill up and we are both really excited about it! You can email me directly at or contact me at 714-606-2694.

Below are a few of our favorite pictures from our shoot with the Galarza Family.


The Hofschroer's said...

Little Logan can't wait for you to take his picture!!! =)

StacyGal said...

Love your new changes! I also love how everyone thinks my last name is Galarzo! haha Thanks again. We cant wait for monday!

Katie Hunt said...

Hi Hayley!
I know we only met briefly once, but I wanted you to know that I read your blog a lot, and I am constantly encouraged by you! You have an obvious love and trust in Jesus and it shows in all you do! Your photos are gorgeous!